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[00:13.17]4 Whose book is thisThis one is mine.The other [must] beLinda's.

[00:44.33]5 [Must]I return themagazine next week?

[01:00.50]Yes,you[must].Everyone should obeythe library rules.

[01:27.21]6 You shouldn'tbelieve her.That[can]not be true

[02:01.19]7 His father was ill,so he [had to] takecare of him.

[02:26.73]8 [May/Can]I go homenow?No,you[must]stayhere.

[03:01.18]9 You [shouldn'thave](not)shouted athime.Why did you dothat to such an old


[03:29.30]10.Must we carrythese boxes upstairs?No, you[needn't]

[03:43.13]11 We all knew shewas wrong,but noneof us [dared]to tellher.

[04:14.29]12 Please be quite!I [can't]hear her.

[04:23.20]13 It's alreadyseven.Mother[must]bewaiting her us athome.

[04:48.50]14 You[shall]doexactly as we say.

[05:06.08]15 We can't findanyone who[will]take the job.


[05:44.51]1 Tom walked fast inorder that he[C]withhis friend.

[06:03.02]A might have caught upB may catch upC might catch up

[06:19.66]2 Computers[A]thinkfor themselves.They must be toldwhat to do.

[06:45.44]A can'tB shouldn'tC mustn't

[06:51.53]3 We[A]get it doneimmediately or itwill be too late.

[07:21.52]A mustB shallC may

[07:24.80]4 It is so darkoutside that she[B]go out alone.

[07:44.96]A dares notB doesn't dare toC dared to

[08:38.38]5 Liu Jing[B]be inParis because I sawhim only an hourago.

[09:20.10]A mustn'tB can'tC may not

[09:31.11]6 He was a good swim-mer so he[A]swim tothe river bank whenthe boat sank.

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